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Lethrinella conchyliatus Smith (Lethrinidae Pisces), new record for Indian Seas

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  • Threadfin Breams


In a recent account on the pigface breams from Andamail waters we (Silas and Toor, 1961) described fivej species of lethrinids, namely, Xe//ir/»MS ornatus Valenciennes, i . harak (Forskal), D nebulosus (Forskal), Lethrinelld microdon (Valenciennes), and L. xanthocheilus (Kltnzinger). In addition, two specimens were provisionally placed under Lethrinella pjrox. xanthocheilus. Since the paper was sent to press we have come across Wheelerl's recently published work on' The genus Lethrinus in the Western Indian Ocean' (Wheeler, 1961), wherein a new species, Lethrinus floridus is very briefly described and figured in colour. Wheeler's notes on this species are mostly based on recollections and as such, details regarding nature of dentition, morphometric measurements, etc. are wanting.

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