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Efeito fisiológico de funcigida Pyraclostrobin e tratamento de sementes na cultura do milho

Revista Brasileira de Tecnologia Aplicada nas Ciências Agrárias
  • Production
  • Zea Mays
  • Leaf Area
  • ProduçãO
  • áRea Foliar
  • Additive Effect
  • Efeito Aditivo


The activities of field research have showed that some fungicides, notably those which belong to the group of the strobirulins, present effects which go beyond the disease control, named physiological effects. However, the results have varied, and in some cases there is including the risk of reduction of the production, which shows the importance of the development of new researches in this field. The research was developed in the South Center region of the state of Paraná – Brazil, aiming to evaluate the effect of the treatment with seeds with the fungicide Pyraclostrobin + Thiophanate-methyl, of the crop management with fungicide Pyraclostrobin in different combinations and their effects over the development of the leaf area, production of vegetative dry matter and grain productivity in the corn crop. The crop was implanted in field in January 2009 with density of 60000 plants ha-1, in completely randomized design. The dosages of 100 mL ha-1 of (Pyraclostrobin + Thiophanate-methyl) and of 300 to 600 mL ha-1 of Pyraclostrobin and other combinations were compared among themselves and with control without application of these products. It was verified that the application of Treatment of seeds with (Pyraclostrobin + Thiophanate-methyl) in the dose of 100 mL ha-1 + Comet (Pyraclostrobin) in the dose of 0,3 L ha-1 sprayed 12 DAE is the combination which presented best results for the characteristics ILA, DM and productivity evaluated in the experiment.

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