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Conditioned pain modulation and situational pain catastrophizing as preoperative predictors of pain following chest wall surgery:a prospective observational cohort study

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untitled Cardiovascular health takes centre stage in Brussels The first-ever Cardiovascular HealthWeek in the European Parliament took place in Brussels, November 2013 Thefirst-everCardiovascularHealthWeekwas an awareness-raising activity on the theme ‘Mind Your Heart – for a Heart Healthy Europe’. The initiative was organized by the Members of the Euro- pean Parliament (MEPs) Heart Group, under the auspices of the European Parliament and supported by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and the European Heart Network (EHN). The MEP Heart Group held meetings with European experts dis- cussing pressing issues of cardiovascular health. Other activities included cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, free cardio fitness classes in the European Parliament Sports Centre, and heart healthy meals in the main European Parliament restaurant. In addition, MEPs had cardiovascular screening of blood pressure and cholesterol measurements that will be used to predict their 10-year risk of mortality from heart attack and stroke. They then received advice on how to adopt a more heart healthy lifestyle. Staffan Josephson, President of theEHN, said: ‘We hope this will showMEPs that there is a lot they can do to help protect EU citizens ifCVD-friendly policies are in place, such as banning smoking in public places and making healthy food affordable’. In anticipation of the European Parliament elections in May 2014, MEPs were encouraged to support with a ‘Pledge for Cardiovascular Health’, committing them to consider the impact of cardiovascular health when voting on European Union (EU) legislation and support national strategies to promote cardiovascular health. Ms Linda McAvan MEP and Co-Chair of the MEP Heart Group, commenting on the import- anceof this far-reaching endeavour, said: ‘Cardio- vasculardisease (CVD) is thenumberonekiller in Europe, causing 1.9million deaths every year, yet there is no dedicated policy on CVD at EU level. The MEP Heart Group is pleased to encourage the engagement of

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