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La aversión del bloque en el poder al contrato fiscal en Colombia. Breve evidencia histórica

Universidad EAFIT
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  • Contrato Fiscal
  • Estado
  • Misión Musgrave
  • Colombia
  • Guerra Civil
  • Fiscal Contract
  • State
  • Musgrave Mission
  • Colombia
  • Civil War
  • Power Bloc
  • Economics
  • Political Science


The fiscal contract can be considered the backbone of every State. This article examines the historical aversion the power bloc has had to the fiscal contract in Colombia, and consequently to a strong enough Leviathan able to promote the economic redistribution. The efforts carried out by some governments and particularly by some governmental officials interested in strengthening the infrastructural capacity of the state, have failed to overcome the vested interests opposed to redistribution. Those interests have successfully prevented the fiscal contract. The protraction of the Colombian civil war has to do with the lack of resources needed to stop the war and finance a sustainable peace.

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