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Reactive Diffusion Between Vanadium and Silicon

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  • Materials Engineering (Formerly Metallurgy)


Interdiffusion study is conducted in the V-Si system to determine integrated diffusion coefficients of the phases. Activation energy values are calculated from the experiments conducted at different temperatures. The average values are found to be 208, 240 and 141 kJ/mol, respectively, for the V(3)Si, V(5)Si(3) and VSi(2) phases. The low activation energy for the VSi(2) phase indicates very high concentration of defects or the significant contribution from the grain boundary diffusion. The error in calculation of diffusion parameters from a very thin phase layer in a multiphase diffusion couple is discussed. Further the data available in the literature in this system is compared and the problems in the indirect methodology followed previously to calculate the diffusion parameters are discussed.

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