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Letter from Ralph G. Meader to Joshua Lederberg

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The Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research Board of .Scienti$c Advisers S. BAYNE-JONES, Director RALPH G. MEADER, Assistant Director RUDOLPH J. ANDERSON Ross G. HARRISON O$ce of Director Yale University School of Medicine 333 CedarStreet New Haven 11, Connecticut JOHN J. MORTON PEYTON Rous July 25, 1946 GEORGE M. SMITH M. C. WINTERNITZ Xr. Joshua Lederberg Osborn Botanical Laboratory Yale University Dear Kr. Lederberg: It was good of you to send us a carbon copy of the manuscript of your joint paper with Dr. Tatum on llNovel Genotypes in tied Cultures of Biochemical Mutants of Bacteria," read at the Cold Spring Harbor Symposium. Dr. Dayne-Jones and I were pleased to refresh our recollections of the discussion we had with you and Dr. Tatum on July 16. Thank you. Sincerely yours, rgmmh

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