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Relations Between Croatia and Slovenia During the Period of the Formation of Yugoslav Ideology in Croatian and Slovenian Politics (1835-1874)

Croatian Ethnological Society and Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb; [email protected]
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Political, economic and cultural relations between Croats and Slovenes date from the counts of Celje, wars with Turks, the Reformation, peasant uprisings to the Napoleon's Illyrian provinces. The continuity and historical significance of the political and cultural relations between two peoples after the Illyrian Movement must, however, be emphasized. From that period on, Croatian populist politicians encompassed in their Yugoslav ideology all South Slavs from Mt. Triglav to the Black Sea — hence, Slovenes too. The question of the relation with Slovenia was very important in Croatian politics from 1848 to 1918. The revolutionary year 1848 was a significant watershed in the history of Croatian-Slovenian relations: a desire for establishing a common state was declared then for the first time. The Yugoslav ideology of the Slovene and Croatian peoples from 1848 on should be considered in the context of their national/political programmes. It became a firm part of their social and political life. The future common state was envisioned as a federacy in both political and cultural sense. But taking into account real social circumstances, the Yugoslav policy was to be achieved gradually, phase by phase. One such phase was the politics of austroslavism and federalism of the Croatian and Slovene nationalists. After passing through several phases, the Yugoslav supra-national ideology achieved its final form in 1874, in the programme of the Croatian Narodna stranka. It became the foundation for the future ever closer relationships between the two sovereign peoples.

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