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Sse8387I, a new type-II restriction endonuclease that recognizes the octanucleotide sequence 5'-CCTGCAGG-3'.

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A type II restriction endonuclease designated Sse8387I was partially purified from Streptomyces sp. 8387. This enzyme cleaved adenovirus 2 DNA at three sites, lambda phage DNA at five sites, and pUC18 and M13mp18 RF DNA at one site each, but did not cleave the DNAs from pBR322, SV40, or phi X174. Sse8387I recognized the octanucleotide sequence 5'-CCTGCA decreases GG-3', cleaving where shown by the arrow. Sse8387I is the first restriction endonuclease to be reported that recognizes an octanucleotide sequence consisting of all four nucleotides, G, A, T, and C. The frequency of occurrence of Sse8387I sites within sequenced regions of primate genomes was 2.4 times that of NotI sites.

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