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Proposal for a Council Decision amending Decision 85/196/EEC concerning a multiannual research and development programme of the European Economic Community in the fields of basic technological research and the applications of new technologies (Brite) (1985 to 1988). COM (87) 307 final/2, 18 September 1987

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EOMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES IgJJ$.F.D*Ig$lIgU. ., rilIS DOCUMEI{T CANCELS AND REPLACES DOEUIIIENT i:014(87) 307 finaL COI.JCERMS ALL T}IE t ANGUAGfS Brursse[.s, 28 September 1987 ProposaI for a COUNCIL DECISION amending Decision 851196|EEC concerning a muLtiannuaL research and development programme of the European Economic Community in the f i elds of basi c technoLogi caL research and the appLi cations of new technoLogies (Brite) (1985 to 1988) (presented by the Commission) COlif(87) 307 f inall? t, Proposal for a COUNCIL DECISION amending Decision E5 l196IEEC tont"'ning -"-llltiannuaL research and deveLopment programme oi the ,European Econom"i'c Community in the fieLds of basic technoLogi."r.";J";ct and the. appLications of t*n" tJJinJro-ni'"t cttit"> clg85 to 1988) l.Initscommun.icationof?1!|ay1986(cot{(66)271)theCommission presentedtotheCounciLitsreviewoftheBriteprogrammeandthe conclusions drawn from the review' IntheLightofthediscussionsintheCouncitandtheParLiament concern.ingtheproposaLforaframeworkprogrammeofCommunity activities in the fieLd of research and techno[ogicaL development' the ConmissionhasestabLishedandsubmitshereuithadraftCounciLdecision ontherevisionoftheCounci|.decisiononBriteof12l4arch1985.Once theFrameworkProgramme(1987-1991)forresearchandtechnologicaI devetopment(c0t{(86)430)andTheSingteActareinforce,thedecision on the Brite programme uitL have to be taken by the Council acting on a quaLifiedmajorityandinco-operationuiththeEuropeanPartiament. Revi sion decision, artictes are included to give effect to vhich rere indicated in the reviev document : fundsestimatednecessaryfortheexecutionofthe -numberofindustriaLorganisationsperproject; - participation of organisations estabLished in EFTA countries' S.ItisstitItooear[ytota[kofreaIresearchresuLtsatatimerhen theneartyl0oprojectsnoh,underwayhaveinmostcasesonLybeen runningforaboutonethirdofthetimea|'Lottedtotheprojects. NevertheLess,theresearchreportsrec

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