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Performance oriented cross-cultural management research : examining the impact of national culture on the practice-performance relationship

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library
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An extensive amount of research examines the relationship between management practices and performance (performance-oriented literature) as well as that between national culture and management practices (cross-cultural literature). However, few studies attempt to draw from each of these literatures by examining the influence of national culture on the practice-performance relationship. I develop a performance oriented cross-cultural framework and illustrate the potential of this framework by generating a number of hypotheses using three management practices: Transformational leadership, contingent compensation, and goal setting. I describe the methodological approach I use to test these hypotheses, including how data was collected from a large multinational corporation in the hospitality industry and a description of the sample and measures that were used. I then provide the results of the data analysis, and discuss the implications of these results.

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