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Geomorphological Characteristics of the Slunj Karst Plateau

Croatian Geographical Society; [email protected]
Publication Date
  • Zaravan U Kršu
  • Geomorfološko Kartiranje
  • Morfometrija
  • Slunjska Zaravan
  • Dinarski Krš
  • Hrvatska
  • Karst Plateau
  • Geomorphological Mapping
  • Morphometry
  • Slunj Karst Plateau
  • Dinaric Karst
  • Croatia
  • Earth Science


The research goal has been to determine the basic conditions and processes of the relief formation and development, and to define its general geomorphologic characteristics on the area of the Slunj karst plateau, as an example of spacious plateaus of the Dinaric karst. Since geomorphological mapping is one of the most important methods of geomorphological research, the aim of this work was detail mapping and production of a digital geomorphologic map of the area. As the basis of the given data, geomorphologic analyses and synthesis were worked out and a detailed geomorphologic map to the scale 1:50,000 was made. The dominant morphogenetic processes of the relief formation (structuralmorphologic and exogeomorphologic) were distinguished, and basic stages of the relief geomorphologic evolution were determined.

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