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Extracts of the inaugurational address [on EC-India trade] of Vice President [of the Commission] Haferkamp at the occasion of the opening of the India Trade Centre. Brussels, 29 February 1980

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untitled ,, Inaugurational address of Vice President Haferkamp at the occasion of the opening of the India Trade Centre in Brussels - 29 February 1980 (Extracts) This is an important day for India and for the European Community. After careful and laborious preparations we are today in.the P?Si~ion to present to the European trading community the India Trade Center 1n Hrussels. - This Center is the fruit of a truly cooperative effort between the Indian government and the EC Commission. Its origin goes back to the year 1975, when the Indian government and the EC Commission jointly commissioned a report on the possibilities for a more dynamic trade and economic cooperation between Europe and India. This socalled Smallman- R~port was submitted to the Indian government in July 1977. - One year later the Indian government decided to take up one of the ideas advanced by the Smallman Report, the establishment of a trade centre~mewhere in Europe. . ' - Last year finally, the Commission and His Excellency, Mr. Dave, concluded a financing agreement under which the Community will contribute an amount of 1.5 Million Dollar (1.1 ECU) for the operation of this center during its first three years of activities. The Community has already in the past lent its· assistance to the setting up of other similar trade centers of Developing Countries · But never before have we committed such a big amount of money for one single project in the field of tra~ promotion and never before did a developing country choo~Brussels, where most European CommunitY Institutions are concentrated, as the seat of its Europeantcentre from which to operate throughout the Community. ftr<idel We are convinced that the European market offers a great number of "loopholes" for developing countries' producers to sneak in. The job of those in the Trade Center will be to find out these "loopholes" and to draw the attention of Indian manufacturers and exporters to them • This requires solid mar

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