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Area V Minute News

California Regional Medical Programs. Area V
Publication Date
  • October 1968 - October 1970
  • California Regional Medical Program/Og
  • Organizational Objectives


xwv6101.tmp ,,- ----- “ AREA v .,-. . .. minute news VOI*2 no, 1 January 8, 1970 tiPS AND FEATHERS While ponderingwhat one might say about the future of ning of a new year and new decade, I recalled a recent a fellow physic,ian”who, while no clearer than the rest RMP at this hegin- conversationwith of us on predic- tions for the”%i%nediatefuture, in a nefarious activity such as,rnorecelestia this line of”’thought,it occurs istics and conditionsabout the equitableby the RMP conceptof tively upon needs. was quite convinced that any involvement health planning would certainly preclude regions of the life hereafter. Pursuing to me that there are certain character- life hereafter that might be made more bringing resources to bear more effec- It i.s”obvious, for instance,that the proportion of populationdestined for the”netherregions is going to lead,to serious problems of overcrowd- ing.and.deprivationof every kiti,while t~os.e”’fewwho attain celestial bliss will have a plethoraof material, space and time. Something should be done to bring these resgurcesand needs closer together. Let us also consider the matter of feathers. The white, fleecy and alto- gether delightful adornmentcustomarilyattributed to the inhabitantsof the upper spaces are obviouslyimpracticalfor the more fiery regions; on the other hand, the processingnecessary to fireproofwing material will probably result in a rather tacky product that will give rise to ,’ much complaint. Furthermore,the behavioral changes inherent in learn- ~~ing to use an accessoryof this sort is likely to cause personalitydif- ficulties,even trauma, for ~ny. “, Harps mighx represent anotherproblem. It is well bom that i’eatis - not very good for stringed instruments. Then there is the noise pol- lution created by the enormous’numbers.ofpersonnel in the lower re- gions all twanging on harps at the same time, not to mention the,loss of audience for the players in the cooler, more pleasant clime. ‘Where

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