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1-D Hydrogen bonded water in Cu(II)-picolinate coordination polymer: synthesis, crystal structure, and thermogravimetric analysis

Taylor & Francis,
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  • Solid State & Structural Chemistry Unit


A new Cu(II)-picolinate complex was synthesized and characterized by single crystal X-ray crystallography. The complex crystallizes in the centrosymmetric triclinic space group P (1) over bar (no. 2). Picolinate in the complex extends the neutral unit into a 1-D chain through mu(2)-bridging carboxylate. The complex has a hydrogen bonding acceptor in the second coordination sphere allowing lattice water to assemble neighboring chains. Water self-assembles to form a zig-zag 1-D chain. The adjacent chains are assembled by C-H center dot center dot center dot O interactions result in the formation 2-D hydrogen bonded network. The overall hydrogen bonding between water chain and Cu-picolinate network yields a 3-D hydrogen bonded coordination network. X-ray structural analysis, FTIR and thermal analysis have been used to characterize the reported compound in the solid state.

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