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Letter from Luca Cavalli-Sforza to Joshua Lederberg

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ISTITUTO SIEROTERAPICO MILANESE “ SERAFINO BELFANTI ,, Ente Morale aggregate alla Unirersit~ di Milano Via Darwin, 20 - MILAN0 TELEFONO 35.74.41 (cinqua linea) Telegr.: SIEROTBRAPICO - Milano Dear Joshua, oct,11,1g57 Your letter of Sept.30 announces a sh&er visit than anticipated,but at 1,.fast a defini= te on&and we are all extremely pleased about it. In view of the time available it is perhaps wiser to leave liome for another time;also ,I have had no clear answer from Chain yet,so I will assume that $0~ come straight to Nilan. Thursday Novembi?r 21 tis a good date for me;if you have to alter it,try to keep a weekend included in the time of your visit. Please let me have a title for your Milan lecture at least ten days before you will be here.4s I wrote you already the lecture should be fairl:r elementary,in the sense that the,&udience is likely to be a mixed one,of non bacterial genetic& sts and non genetic bacteriologists,plus a few hybr= ids. I am sure you are familiar with this story. You do not need to send titles for one (or two) semir mars in Pavia. YOU can certainly get from Milan and Pavia $ 150 (total) ;plus I hope W another 50. Your hotel in Milan will. cost about $ 9 perday with bath. A number of didmiculties concerning my future decisions should be solved by the time you come here$There are lots of things boiling at the moment; I hope they will cool down soon. I am enclosing a preview of the part of the family which you do not yet know.1 had pros mised to send it long time ago.Sorry for the delay. We are all looking forward to having you here.

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