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Što je funkcionalna egzegeza?

Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Split; [email protected]
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  • Funkcionalna Egzegeza
  • Functional Exegesis
  • Literature


The author here is debating about biblical exegesis, exegesis of Holy Scripture. He is particularly touching upon the classical interpretation of the Gospels and the modern exegetical understandings (movements). Stressed in accordance with it is the importance, method and meaning of functional exegesis. The method of interior literary criticism says th at with the help of »reasonable criteria«, it seeks to find the precise function of a particular word, sentence, passage and text, which belong to the same literary style. Emphasizing the objectivity of classical interpretation, with the difference of the so-called rationalistic, the author accepts the method and meaning of functional exegesis for an accurate understanding of Gospel text.

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