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남북 사회·문화공동체 형성과 전망

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  • 통일
  • 남북 사회문화공동체
  • 민족주의
  • 월남공동체
  • 속초
  • 통일 문제
  • Economics
  • Political Science


During the division of 57 years between North and South Korea, a number of ideas and lines toward Korean Reunification have been put out by several politicians, scholars, or activists. It seems that they have the various contents according to a standpoint and goal of their own, but one common fact focusing on a political level. While I checked the contents, I found that they did not fully consider a socio-cultural level as compared with the political. But the process of German Reunification made me ponder the former level necessarily. Through Germany carried out the Reunification politically and economically, one state, it cannot unify one everyday world socio-culturally till now yet. And on illuminating the case of Austria's unification, it needed more than 30 years so that it build one national identity. Therefore it took many other countries experienced unifying long time until it established a unified state really. Some countries are sometimes under experiencing division and conflict in a everyday world. I researched the case of Wollamin's community in Sokcho, Kangwon province as the socio-cultural community which both North-Wollamins, i.e. people displaced from north to south Korea- and South Koreans-original inhabitants of Sokcho- have established there since 1951. It has a certain degree competition and a little conflict between them, especially 1st generations of Wollamins had experienced much more competition and conflict with the original inhabitants. But their descendants are building the same regional identity and they are making new social relationship and new culture different from 1st's through a long time and gradually. This case told us several instructions. Even if we can establish one state of political and economical levels rapidly, it will take us long time in order to build a new community of socio-cultural level between north and south Koreans. Well, the reunification should connect a political with a socio-cultural level certainly. By reason of our experience and others, we need to consider the vision of a socio-cultural level if we obtain the successful reunification of Korea. I called it as "building a socio-cultural community of North-South Korea." In this paper, I tried to propose a few principles to build it.

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