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Foundations for Intrusion-Tolerant Services

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This project seeks to develop fundamental theories and frameworks that support intrusion-tolerance in distributed systems, and to use these advances to construct more highly assured and/or more scalable and efficient intrusion-tolerant services than have been achievable to date. The conceptual cornerstone of our planned advances is opaque quorum systems, a construct that we previously advocated as a means to implement intrusion-tolerant systems. We propose to leverage this construct to develop a new framework for intrusion-tolerant coordination of which many proposed protocols are special cases; variations of opaque quorum systems that can be used in this framework (and in protocols more generally) in order to implement scalable intrusion-tolerant services; and methods of deploying quorum systems in large-scale networks to minimize network costs for accessing quorums. We expect these advances to lead to substantially simpler and more scalable implementations of intrusion-tolerant services.

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