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Searches for leptoquarks, squarks in $\not r_p$ SUSY and excited fermions at hera

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  • [Phys:Hexp] Physics/High Energy Physics - Experiment
  • [Phys:Hexp] Physique/Physique Des Hautes Energies - Exp√©rience
  • Physics


Various searches for leptoquarks, scalar quarks in $R_p$-violating supersymmetric models, and excited fermions performed by the HERA experiments H1 and ZEUS are reviewed. No evidence for new particle production was observed from data collected by both experiments since 1994 in either electron-proton and positron-proton collisions. Stringent limits derived on the masses and couplings of these new particles are compared whenever appropriate with those from LEP, the Tevatron and low energy experiments.

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