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Do Bengali women face any barriers when accessing services?

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The student was interested in researching whether Bengali women face any barriers when accessing services after having had personal experience during her first and second placement. The second placement gave the student the opportunity to carry out primary research with the Bengali women and to gain an insight into their experiences. The student carried out the primary research using a structured interview to gain mainly quantitative data from, however, incorporated open ended questions too to allow the Bengali women to provide some in depth information. The student also conducted semi structured interviews with a few Bengali women. The main findings that arose from this study were that the majority of Bengali women face a language barrier when accessing services. This can stop the women from taking part in many activities independently as they need someone to be there to translate what has been said. The women who were interviewed recommended that they should receive support from their family, community groups and other organisations to help them to learn English as this will be the first step in overcoming the language barrier.

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