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Selección de revistas latinoamericanas en bases de datos: criterios utilizados en Clase y Periódica

Dirección General de Bibliotecas (Mexico)
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  • Ib. Content Analysis (A And I
  • Class.)
  • Hl. Databases And Database Networking.
  • Ha. Periodicals
  • Newspapers.


Clase and Periodica are databases that offer bibliographic citations of documents published in scholarly journals from Latin America and the Caribbean. Two main characteristics must be considered in the journal selection process: the multidisciplinary coverage of both databases and the origin of the publications to be indexed. This document reviews the new selection model that uses 30 editorial quality criteria that was applied to 125 journals that requested their inclusion during 2002. The new model incorporates criteria that certify aspects related to: a) publishing norms; b) management practices and visibility and c) content for indexing purposes. Results show the model’s effectiveness when applied to journals from different disciplinary areas.

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