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Application machines: An approach to realizing understandable systems

Microprocessing and Microprogramming
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DOI: 10.1016/0165-6074(92)90286-g
  • Computer Science


Abstract The need for and advantages of improving understandability of the internal as well as external structure and behavior of computer-based systems has been identified. In this keynote address, we have considered several sources of computer-based system complexity, a means of simplifying systems and conveying solutions in an understandable manner to vested interest parties on a rational basis. The computer field is full of enthusiastic creative people who provide alternative solutions to the problems associated with complex computer-based systems. The result has been a plurality of languages, methods, methodologies, tools, mechanisms, and so on. Thus situation has added to complexity and has reduced the chances for achieving wide scale understandability as called for in this presentation. Are the multiple views so fundamentally different? Would it not be better to take the challenge of achieving wide scale understandability and channel some of our creative thoughts in this direction? These are vital issues that we must deal with for our future existence as professionals in the field of computing.

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