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Digital document handling with WebPack

  • Qa75 Electronic Computers. Computer Science / SzáMíTáStechnika
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webpuj.dvi Digital document handling with WebPack László Kovács, András Micsik MTA SZTAKI Computer and Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Department of Distributed Systems H-1111 Budapest XI. Lágymányosi u. 11. Hungary {laszlo.kovacs, [email protected] Abstract Current practice and shortcomings of handling digital hypermedia documents on the Internet are investigated. The WebPack format is de�ned to eliminate some of these shortcomings. The structure and operations of this new container format are discussed, and the use of WebPack in document management is explained. Keywords: Internet, hypermedia, document-like objects (DLO), digital library, World Wide Web, metadata, Dublin Core 1 Introduction As the World Wide Web [1] spread the world from the beginning of this decade, it incorporated more and more powerful tools and formats, and the content served via WWW became more and more complex. The content and layout of WWW pages became competitive with printed material, and in other aspects WWW pages have far more potential than printed documents. The meaning of document in case of the WWW is changing. WWW documents are sometimes more similar to a piece of software than to printed material. They may contain animations or may have an annotation facility, and what is most important they are linked together. The Dublin Metadata Workshop [12] investigated this new kind of information source, and tried to set the �oor for descriptive techniques for WWW documents which were termed Document-like Objects (DLOs) [11]. A DLO can be characterized like this: � it may contain �les in lots of di�erent formats: text, graphics, animation, video, audio and 3D models � its parts are interconnected with links. � it may contain active parts (e.g. scripts, applets) that respond to user interaction by executing programs embedded into the document DLOs are called digital documents for simplicity in this paper. First the nature of

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