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Bioinformatics-inspired binary image correlation [electronic resource] : application to bio-/medical-images, microsarrays, finger-prints and signature classifications

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  • Bioinformatics
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Image Processing
  • Pattern Perception
  • Dna Microarrays.
  • Computer Science
  • Logic
  • Medicine


The efforts addressed in this thesis refer to assaying the extent of local features in 2D-images for the purpose of recognition and classification. It is based on comparing a test-image against a template in binary format. It is a bioinformatics-inspired approach pursued and presented as deliverables of this thesis as summarized below: 1. By applying the so-called 'Smith-Waterman (SW) local alignment' and 'Needleman-Wunsch (NW) global alignment' approaches of bioinformatics, a test 2D-image in binary format is compared against a reference image so as to recognize the differential features that reside locally in the images being compared 2. SW and NW algorithms based binary comparison involves conversion of one-dimensional sequence alignment procedure (indicated traditionally for molecular sequence comparison adopted in bioinformatics) to 2D-image matrix 3. Relevant algorithms specific to computations are implemented as MatLabTM codes 4. Test-images considered are: Real-world bio-/medical-images, synthetic images, microarrays, biometric finger prints (thumb-impressions) and handwritten signatures. Based on the results, conclusions are enumerated and inferences are made with directions for future studies.

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