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Multistability in the quasiperiodically forced circle map

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  • 37 Dynamical Systems And Ergodic Theory


It is well-known that the dynamics of the Arnol′d circle map is phase-locked in regions of the parameter space called Arnol′d tongues. If the map is invertible, the only possible dynamics is either quasiperiodic motion, or phase-locked behavior with a unique attracting periodic orbit. Under the influence of quasiperiodic forcing the dynamics of the map changes dramatically. Inside the Arnol′d tongues open regions of multistability exist, and the parameter dependency of the dynamics becomes rather complex. This paper discusses the bifurcation structure inside the Arnol′d tongue with zero rotation number and includes a study of nonsmooth bifurcations that happen for large nonlinearity in the region with strange nonchaotic attractors.

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