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A layered aluminum phosphate, $[C_2N_2 H_{10} ]$ $[Al_2] (OH)_2 H_2O(PO_4 )_2 ]H_2 O$, by the amine phosphate route

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A layered aluminum phosphate, $I [C_2N_2 H_{10} ]$ $[Al_2] (OH)_2 H_2O(PO_4 )_2 ]H_2 O$, with Al:P ratio of 1:1 has been prepared using a novel synthetic route wherein the amine phosphate, $[C_2 N_2 H_{10}][HPO_4 ]$, was reacted with $A1^{3+}$ ions under hydrothermal conditions. I crystallizes in the triclinic space group P(-1) (No. 2); a=6.614(1), b=9.918(1), c=10.381(1) \AA, \alpha= 115.3(1), \beta =90.2(1), \gamma= $90.8(1)^o$ 8; V=615.6(2) $\AA^ 3$; Z=2, $D_{calc}$= 2.029 g $cm^{-3}$; \mu (MoK\alpha)=0.565 $ mm^{-1}$. The final R=0.07 and $wR_2$= 0.17 and S=1.15 have been obtained for 198 parameters. The layered structure of I has Al both in trigonal bi-pyramidal and octahedral coordinations and the polyhedra are so connected as to give rise to 3-membered $Al_2P$ rings and infinite Al-O(H)-Al linkages. The structure is closely related to the mineral tancoite.

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