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Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka
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  • -Interesne Jedinice
  • Lučka Uprava
  • Organizacija
  • Decentralizacija
  • Upravljanje
  • Promet
  • Interest Units
  • Port Authority
  • Organization
  • Decentralization
  • Management
  • Transport
  • Traffic
  • Economics


The aim and purpose of organizing the economic interest association is to facilitate and promote the activities of business units and to improve and increase their business performance and functioning The authors of this scientific work have carried out research into business operations of the Croatian County Port Authorities pointing at certain deficiencies in their business operations. In order to eliminate the perceived weaknesses and improve the management of the County Port Authorities, a detailed analysis of the possibilities of implementing economic interest associations into the Croatian port system has also been carried out. At the same time, and based on the results obtained, in this research, steps, measures and activities of the newly established Port Authorities economic interest units or associations at the county and national level, are defined, namely through changes in the environment and in business activities of the Port Authorities. Within the scope of this research and resulting from scientific theories and postulates as well as from worldwide experience, discussions have been carried on not only on the already implemented organizational solutions, but on the possible models of the Port Authorities economic interest associations that could be applied to.

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