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UML comme candidat pour le schéma des bases de données en graphe

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  • Uml
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  • Mapping
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  • Computing & Technology :: Computer Science [C05]
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Microsoft Word - NoSql matters article FINAL.docx 1 UML as a schema candidate for graph databases V. DELFOSSE, R.BILLEN, P. LECLERCQ University of Liège, Liège, Belgium vincent.delfosse @, rbillen @, pierre.leclercq @ Introduction During the lifetime of a building, a huge quantity of information will be captured by multiple actors: owners, managers, users, architects, electricians, plumbers, etc. Because most of this information is not shared amongst these persons, the same analysis, verifications or measurements have to be done multiple times. SpatioData is a research project aiming at the development of a collaborative platform to support the effective sharing of such diverse data. In order to reach this ambitious goal, it is important to provide the users with devices suiting their needs (mobile or station) and interfaces adapted to their specific activities. These various client applications will communicate to a centralized database through web services exhibiting a common data model. The data model of such an application has to address many problems. Among those: • The complexity of the data model to represent the different aspects of the buildings, their actors, and the activities of these actors; • The communicability, to ensure that developers willing to build client applications will understand and use the p

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