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Comparison Between Overtopping Discharge in Small and Large Scale Models

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  • Overtopping Measurements
  • Waveheights
  • Run-Up
  • Crest Height
  • Coastal Structures
  • Wave Overtopping
  • Breakwaters


The present paper presents overtopping measurements from small scale model test performed at the Hydraulic & Coastal Engineering Laboratory, Aalborg University, Denmark and large scale model tests performed at the Large Wave Channel, Hannover, Germany. Comparison between results obtained from small and large scale model tests show no clear evidence of scale effects for overtopping above a threshold value. In the large scale model no overtopping was measured for waveheights below Hs = 0.5m as the water sunk into the voids between the stones on the crest. For low overtopping scale effects are presented as the small-scale model underpredicts the overtopping discharge.

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