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ABD e-News July 16, 2004

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Abstract Lynn M. Walding, Administrator e - NEWS July 16, 2004 1. When Life Gives You Lemons ... 2. Stepping Up Looks to UI for Funding 3. Gin Makes a Comeback as a Fresh Summer Spirit 4. Underage Drinking Still a Concern for Safety Advocates 5. Des Moines Woman Sues Brothers 6. Harrah's to Buy Caesars for $5.2 Billion 7. Judge Upholds Permit Denial 8. Lawyers Set Sights on Alcohol Producers 9. Attention, Parents: Teens Want You to Lock up Your Liquor Quenchers 1. When Life Gives You Lemons ... By Kate Lawson - The Detroit News July 15, 2004 You’ve got options. For instance, with the help of Bacardi Razz, you can make this terrific lemonade, perfect for sipping away the summer. Lemonade is always a refreshing libation, especially when the temperature climbs. Bacardi Razz can be found at your favorite party or liquor store. Razz-berry Lemonade 3 ounces Bacardi Razz 3 ounces Bacardi Limon 2 ounces sweet and sour mix (such as Rose’s or Mr. & Mrs. T’s) Juice of 2 fresh lemons Shake over ice and pour into chilled martini glass or pour over ice in tall glass. Serves 1. 2. Stepping Up Looks to UI for Funding By Kristen Schorsch – Iowa City Press-Citizen July 10, 2004 Group hopes program goes on IOWA CITY, IA -- A community partnership aimed at curbing high -risk and underage drinking is looking to pass on its reins once its grant is completed in 2006. If the budget allows, University of Iowa officials want to continue efforts of The Stepping Up Project. School officials are reluctant, however, to be swayed by early calls to rely on student fees for a program whose current annual budget exceeds $100,000. With dozens of bars in downtown Iowa City, which borders the University of Iowa campus of roughly 28,000 students, school and city officials have long tried to change the drinking culture in Iowa City. Public intoxication charges, binge drinking and bars allowing those younger than

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