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“Reduction of boron thermal diffusion and elimination of boron transient enhanced diffusion in silicon by high energy fluorine implantation”, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 83 (20), pp. 4134-4136, (2003).

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This paper investigates the effect of a deep F+ implant on the diffusion of boron in silicon. The effects on boron thermal diffusion and transient enhanced diffusion are separately studied by characterising the diffusion of a buried boron marker layer in wafers with and without a 185keV, 2.31015cm-2 F+ implant and with and without a 288keV, 61013cm-2 P+ implant. In samples given both P+ and F+ implants, the fluorine completely eliminates the boron transient enhanced diffusion caused by the P+ implant and in samples implanted with F+ only, the fluorine suppresses the boron thermal diffusion by 65%. These results are explained by the effect of the fluorine on the vacancy concentration in the vicinity of the boron profile.

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