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Penetrations and dynamics of vortices in mesoscopic superconducting plates

Physica C Superconductivity
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DOI: 10.1016/j.physc.2007.03.491
  • Non-Equilibrium Vortex State
  • Vortex Dynamics
  • Tdgl Equation
  • Mesoscopic Superconductor
  • Physics


Abstract Nano-technologies enable us to control quantum states. Vortex states in superconductor whose dimension is order of the coherence length would be applied in electronic devices in near future. In this presentation, we report the penetration process and dynamics of vortices in mesoscopic superconducting plate with anti-dot obtained by solving the time dependent Ginzburg–Landau (TDGL) equations. As to a regular square superconducting plate with an anti-dot located at the center, for suddenly applying the field perpendicular to the plate, vortices tend to penetrate into the plate from four central points of the each square side keeping the fourfold rotational symmetry. After the penetration, we found the vortex exclusion process that residual vortices for stability of the system are expelled. For introducing external current that breaks symmetry of the system.

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