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  • Animation
  • Disney Principles


The study is about to see what happens with the audience’s experience of a video, if one or several of the animation principles are missing.<br/><br/>The research is taking a look at the twelve principles of animation and already existing ways of breaking them, such as motion capture, and then choosing two of the animation principles to test, for this project.<br/><br/>The investigation was about to see how the audience perceived the same video, one with the principles and one without the two chosen principles. The chosen principles to remove from the video were Slow In and Slow Out and Exaggeration.<br/><br/>There was a noticeable big change in the audience’s experience of the two videos, Slow In and Slow Out seemed to have a big influence on the audience, and subsequently had an influence on how they perceived the Arcs in the video, but is uncertain to what extent it changes and how connected the principles are to each other, as it could possibly be the other way around.<br/>

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