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Health and welfare in medieval England : the human skeletal remains contextualised.

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Durham Research Online Deposited in DRO: 15 January 2010 Version of attached file: Published Version Peer-review status of attached file: Peer-reviewed Citation for published item: Roberts, C.A. (2009) ’Health and welfare in medieval England : the human skeletal remains contextualised.’, in Reflections : 50 years of medieval archaeology, 1957-2007. Leeds: Maney, pp. 307-325. Further information on publisher’s website: Publisher’s copyright statement: Additional information: Use policy The full-text may be used and/or reproduced, and given to third parties in any format or medium, without prior permission or charge, for personal research or study, educational, or not-for-profit purposes provided that: • a full bibliographic reference is made to the original source • a link is made to the metadata record in DRO • the full-text is not changed in any way The full-text must not be sold in any format or medium without the formal permission of the copyright holders. Please consult the full DRO policy for further details. Durham University Library, Stockton Road, Durham DH1 3LY, United Kingdom Tel : +44 (0)191 334 3042 — Fax : +44 (0)191 334 2971 part iv SCIENTIFIC PERSPECTIVES ON MEDIEVAL ARCHAEOLOGY mam0300015 04-08-09 13:49:08 Rev 14.05 n mam0300015 04-08-09 13:49:08 Rev 14.05 n chapter 15 HEALTH AND WELFARE IN MEDIEVAL ENGLAND: THE HUMAN SKELETAL REMAINS CONTEXTUALIZED By Charlotte Roberts This paper presents a brief overview of the history of study of human remains from archaeological sites. This is developed into a thematic com- parison of health and ill health in early and late medieval periods derived from 72 early medieval (mid-5th to mid-11th centuries ad) and 63 later medieval (mid-11th to mid-16th centuries ad) funerary contexts in England, representing 7122 and 16,237 individual skeletons, respectively. The data presented suggest that populations would have been c

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