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Development of a procedure for the determination of the properties of cushioning materials and their application in the design of cushions

Madison, Wis. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory
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DEVELOPMENT Of A PROCEDURE FOR THE DETERMINATION Of THE PROPERTIES Of CUSHIONING MATERIALS AND THEIR APPLICATION IN THE DESIGN Of CUSHIONS June 1945 No. 81489 UNITED STATES (DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE fOREST SERVICE IORESTTRODUCTS LABORATORY Madison, Wisconsin In Cooperation with the University of Wisconsin DEVELOPMENT OF A PROCEDURE FOR TEE DETERMINATION OF THE PROPERTIES OF CUSHIONING MATERIALS AND TEEIR APPLICATION IN THE DESIGN OF CUSHIONS! By LEON LASSEN, Engineer KEITH Q. KELLICUTT, Technologist and W. J. SANDERSON, Industrial Specialist Introduction At the request of the Container and Packaging Control Branch, Air Technical Service Command, Army Air Forces, Wright Field, a study was initiated at the Forest Products Laboratory for the purpose of (a) develop- ing a rational procedure for the evaluation of the properties of cushioning materials for use in packages, and (b) a procedure for the application of these properties to the design of cushions. The determination of these properties in the past was purely an empirical procedure. Little was known of the properties that were desir- able in a cushion to be used in a package, except the general requirement that it was to absorb a portion of the shock to which equipment is sub- jected when the package is rough handled. In line with this general requirement practically all cushioning materials on the market today were fabricated to absorb shock to some extent, but no method was available to determine in specific units which material would yield the most favorable results. In addition to shock absorbing qualities, there are also other qualities that should play an important part in the selection of a cushion. For instance, a cushion should be able to withstand rough handling and repeated shocks without deteriorating. Important also is the-variation of its shock absorbing capacity with changes in moisture content and pH value, the ability of the material to retain its form under repeated shocks, and the ext

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