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A study on remanufacturing of deactivated commercial DPF using diesel engine dynamo system in ND-13 mode

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
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DOI: 10.1016/j.jiec.2012.01.035
  • Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Remanufacturing
  • Ultrasonic Wave Cleaning


Abstract In this study, the deactivated diesel particulate filters (DPFs) which could remove the air pollutants such as CO, HC and PM in the exhaust gas from diesel vehicle were remanufactured at various conditions and their catalytic performances and characterization were also investigated. The remanufacturing process includes high-temperature cleaning of incineration, ultrasonic cleaning for washing in acid/base solutions to remove deactivating materials deposited to the surface of the catalysts, and active component re-impregnation for reactivating catalytic activity of them. The catalytic performance tests of the remanufactured DPFs were carried out by the diesel engine dynamo systems in ND-13 mode which is official exhaust gas test method of diesel heavy duty vehicle, and all prepared catalysts were characterized by the optical microscopes, SEM, EDX, porosimeter and BET to investigate correlation between catalytic activity and surface characteristics of them. It was found that remanufactured DPFs showed improved catalytic performances reaching about 90% of fresh DPF, which is caused by removing the deactivating materials from the surface of the deactivated DPF through the analyses of catalytic performance test and their characterization.

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