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Letter from Herman M. Kalckar to Joshua Lederberg

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August 22, 1959 Dear Herman: Yuu should have received Esther’s statement abbut GoI3 and Galg; she h<>pts this covers y\)ur requirements. Esther iS deeply preXCUpied now with writing her review, and asked me tc, put the fullowing questions as urgently 6s possible. Could you answer p.asthaste with the enclosed stationery? (We have just moved into the medical center and there is mcmentsrv confusion about our exact postal sddress). 1. According to your ms. with KYKYKYYU Kurahashi, last line page 14, the galactose-sensitive strains of Fukasewa and Hikaido ‘seems also to have a single block in the Gal-l-P uridyl transferase’, Surely this is a typc- graphical error and you mean here the simerese (as you said in your talk). Please conf i rm. (Esther will put ‘epimerase’ in her ms. referring to you, and wi 11 change in prtiaf ‘i f we have real ly misunderstood y<:u. ) 2. p. 18 “The complex palysaccharides. .frm W-3099 did not contain detectable amounts of galactose”. Can ym say specifica?l!Ych strain ng d;>es have detectdble galactise. Is it K-12.1 We hope Dr. Saffer is working out well in Baltimore, and It the same timeais bot too much of a nuisance for you. Give him our best (and yours!) ..J;,re: ‘khua Lederberg

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