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Characterization of a Class II Defective Transposon Carrying Two Haloacetate Dehalogenase Genes from Delftia acidovorans Plasmid pUO1

American Society for Microbiology
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  • Genetics And Molecular Biology


The two haloacetate dehalogenase genes, dehH1 and dehH2, on the 65-kb plasmid pUO1 from Delftia acidovorans strain B were found to be located on transposable elements. The dehH2 gene was carried on an 8.9-kb class I composite transposon (TnHad1) that was flanked by two directly repeated copies of IS1071, IS1071L and IS1071R. The dehH1 gene was also flanked by IS1071L and a truncated version of IS1071 (IS1071N). TnHad1, dehH1, and IS1071N were located on a 15.6-kb class II transposon (TnHad2) whose terminal inverted repeats and res site showed high homology with those of the Tn21-related transposons. TnHad2 was defective in transposition because of its lacking the transposase and resolvase genes. TnHad2 could transpose when the Tn21-encoded transposase and resolvase were supplied in trans. These results demonstrated that Tn Had2 is a defective Tn21-related transposon carrying another class I catabolic transposon.

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