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An investigation into the history and practice of teaching law as an examination subject in schools

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Historical aspects of teaching Law as a school subject are considered in outline in the Prologue to this Thesis. Part 1 discusses the extent to which it is appropriate to teach Law as an examination subject in schools today. This is followed in Part II by an extensive examination of what kind of law may be taught as evidenced by the provision of G.C.E., G.C.S.E. and alternative syllabi. Methodology and pupil perceptions are discussed in Part III, whilst the possibility of truly professional teaching of Law at school level is examined in Part IV. In the final Part, an attempt is made to decide whether Law in schools is - or should be - an end in itself or merely a stepping stone to further study of the subject at a higher level. Finally, the Epilogue seeks to answer to the question as to whether Law has a future as a school examination subject.

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