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  • Hawaii--Newspapers.


iflHI i :i -- , ' 'J' ' 3 ? V "ii . 1JV BWBi Vf'i .flfl'T l"9t UWH'WIL' 1 (7ta ramvmmHniE'jHKfibn nnMrrvBHiBH l rv riirsMsisnmssrsss si isTwmninisTTr TMMiiw iniTTi ii tthhititm i7'TWPy'r v wsfmmmw.'wn ;wTvrm) l xwmsmiBmmi,ww&iewwwwrt&m7,Twm V" From San Francisco: Chljo Mont Dec. 5 For San Franciiooi Hllunlnn Nov. 3D From Vancouver: MAKUIIA ..k Uec. 10 For Vancouver: Aornugl Doc. 8 VOL, XI. NO. 4470. ' Evening . 3:30 BUDGET REJECTED FLYING MACHINE Beamer Will fly In Near Future Hilo Merchant Contracted Aviation Fever While In East-Brin- ging Machine And Much Freight To Islands 7 If niijono UilliKs Unit llnwntl will til nvvny anioiiR t ho many nillelos nf InR liclilmi whllo llio lost of l'10 fmlRlit tlnt ho atnrlcd west wlillo world rocm huniniliiR iiIoiir they In Now Vork Is a rnimilclo set or liiio fiiit Just imi mrc thlnl.-bn- x "flxl.iRs" for nn neroplune. When movement due to nrrlvo. fmthcr cnllKhtmeiit on tlio project tho next na asked for Pete looked wise,If on some day dmliiK '' ''Is clpar and resembled nobjectthree or four months Inifio lnm lit IiIrIi water.should bo seen coiiiIiik Hiro.iRl. the rlr fiont the direction of the Mr don't let iinjone liomtilo with Icnr nt tho tlioiiRlil Hint It may lio llnllej's roiiiet nbollt to lilt Hono- lulu. ItiRleiid, Just Mop nnn side and Kle tliein ii chnmo to land, for It will bo Avl.ilor lle.inier ppyliiR this clly a lslt In his new nltig niii-- t ti I tic. Mr. Ilciuuer, one of Hlln'g ijiosres-slv- o IiiikIiii'sih men and an promoler of iiiiythlnr; Unit hounds tlkn "RottliiK on." h.m JiihI roturpeit from an extensive huKlncss 'trip thmiiKh the easferii stntcx. i'otn 'liccmnd dceiilylnteresteil in (lie. tl) Inn machine piniHwItlon. after wltncHHliiK demoUHtratlonH of tho tunic, and In nn lutdvlew lnxt nlRht ho was (oaxed Into miiklnR a Ktntc-mr- nt Hint ho expected to "fly HiioiirIi (lie air with tho Rrc.itcst of easu" in n Bliurt time.' I'clo docan't lllo to talk murh'so it In hard to Ret iiii)H

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