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Sub-Cellular Distribution of the Cytoplasmic Myosin Heavy Chain mRNA During Myogenesis

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DOI: 10.1111/j.1432-0436.1979.tb01000.x
  • Biology


In the light of earlier work [1] which demonstrated the presence of a large number of myosin heavy chain (MHC) transcripts in chick myoblasts prior to cell fusion and the burst of MHC synthesis it was of great interest to determine the subcellular localization of the still inactive transcripts. It has been determined in differentiating muscle cells in culture. Two populations of cells were examined - monucleated myoblasts just prior to cell fusion and myotubes where at least 80% of the cells were fused. Utilizing a myosin complementary DNA (cDNA) probe [2] it is observed that just prior to cell fusion, when the ‘burst” of myosin synthesis has not yet occurred, the vast majority of cytoplasmic myosin mRNA transcripts are found in a stored messenger RNA protein complex with a minimal amount found in the heavy polysome fraction. In differentiated myotube cultures, when myosin synthesis is progressing at a high rate, the reverse is found, i.e., the amount of stored myosin messenger RNA (mRNA) is minimal while the largest amount of myosin mRNA transcripts are localized in the polysome fraction. The number of total cytoplasmic myosin transcripts is found to decrease after cell fusion at a time when myosin synthesis is maximal suggesting that the efficiency of translation of myosin mRNA increases during terminal differentiation.

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