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Baird flickerless projector - Ruffell's Imperial Bioscope Syndicate, Ltd.

Ruffell's Imperial Bioscope Syndicate, Ltd. (London)


BAIRD FLICKERLESS PROJECTOR. Sole Cottcessiona ires : RuffelTs Impérial Bioscope Syndicale, Ltd., 8/9 Long Acre, London, W.C.Phone : Gerrarâ,Telegrams : Ruffellscofie Ranci, London. BRANCHES ALL OVER THE UNITED KINGDOM. I N PRESENTING a brief description of the mostmagnificent motion picture machine ever constructed,we believe the Baird solves the great difficulties of perfect projection. The Baird is six feet six inches in height, of about the same length, and weighs 470 pounds. The machines présent an imposing and beautiful appearance, the stand being finished in dark green with nickel-plated legs, and the mechanism, upper magazine and lamp house enamelled in black with nickel fittings. ELIMINATION OF FLICKER. The gênerai and most serious objection to motion pictures is the flicker. Many people are not regular patrons because this flicker hurts their eyes, and dozens of front seats in each of thousands of théâtres are often vacant for this reason only. THE BAIRD IS THE ONLY MOTION PICTURE MACHINE IN THE WORLD WHICH ABSOLUTELY ELIMINATES FLICKER. This feature alone is sufficient to place it in a class by itself, but a great many other entirely novel and highly important improvements have also been incorporated in in this one machine. It is impossible to adequately describe ail of thèse in this advance catalogue, so only brief mention is made of the most important ones, but the conveniences and simplicity will be thoroughly appre- ciated by ail operators. Thèse various improvements, combined with extrême accuracy and great care in détails of manufacture, explain why this machine projects the most perfect motion pictures ever seen. The Baird employs a two-blade shutter only—the proportions of which, in combination with the speed, when used with direct current entirely eliminate flicker, thereby producing a clearer, brighter picture. RIGIDITY. The massive frame, embracing the motor compartment and lower magazine, is made of one very heavy iron casting and including f

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