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Engineering Management and Other Engineering Disciplines-2

DOI: 10.1016/b978-088415347-4/50002-2
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Publisher Summary This chapter summarizes the interface with other disciplines and what is expected of the person in charge of piping for those relationships. The basics of piping profession include the duties and responsibilities of the piping engineering lead (PEL) position and other positions on the project. The PEL needs to know the organizational structure and the peer-level leads on the project. The PEL must understand the relationship with the project leads and must understand the concept of teamwork. The PEL needs to recognize that there are two types of piping work: internal and external. The project engineering manager (PEM) position will normally have eight major engineering disciplines but may have as many as ten disciplines reporting to it. The structural engineering lead (SEL) reports to the project-engineering manager. Under the leadership of the SEL, structural engineers and designers are responsible for the detailed engineering and detail drawings for all of the belowground and aboveground structures on the project.

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