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Natural convection in a triangular enclosure due to non-uniform cooling on top

Cambridge University Press
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  • 010302 Numerical Solution Of Differential And Integral Equations
  • 091307 Numerical Modelling And Mechanical Characterisation
  • Natural Convection
  • Triangular Enclosure
  • Non-Uniform Cooling
  • Mathematics


Natural convection in a triangular enclosure subject to non-uniformly cooling at the inclined surfaces and uniformly heating at the base is investigated numerically. The numerical simulations of the unsteady flows over a range of Rayleigh numbers and aspect ratios are carried out using Finite Volume Method. Since the upper surface is cooled and the bottom surface is heated, the air flow in the enclosure is potentially unstable to Rayleigh Benard instability. It is revealed that the transient flow development in the enclosure can be classified into three distinct stages; an early stage, a transitional stage and a steady stage. It is also found that the flow inside the enclosure strongly depends on the governing parameters; Rayleigh number and aspect ratio. The asymmetric behaviour of the flow about the geometric centre line is discussed in detailed. The heat transfer through the roof and the ceiling as a form of Nusselt number is also reported in this study.

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