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Vom Dritten Reich zur Bundesrepublik : Beiträge einer Tagung zur Geschichte von Raumforschung und Raumplanung

Verl. d. ARL
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  • Landscaping And Area Planning
  • History
  • Städtebau
  • Raumplanung
  • Landschaftsgestaltung
  • Geschichte
  • Area Development Planning
  • Regional Research
  • General History
  • Raumplanung Und Regionalforschung
  • Allgemeine Geschichte
  • Raumplanung
  • Historische Entwicklung
  • Drittes Reich
  • Nachkriegszeit
  • Bundesrepublik Deutschland
  • Forschung
  • Institutionalisierung
  • Regionalforschung
  • Wissenschaftsdisziplin
  • Raumordnung
  • Wirtschaftsgeographie
  • Niederlande
  • Österreich
  • Spatial Planning
  • Historical Development
  • Third Reich
  • Post-War Period
  • Federal Republic Of Germany
  • Research
  • Institutionalization
  • Regional Research
  • Scientific Discipline
  • Zoning
  • Economic Geography
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Descriptive Study
  • Historical
  • Deskriptive Studie
  • Historisch
  • Literature


This publication presents the proceedings of a conference held in Leipzig from June 12 to June 13 2008 under the joint auspices of the ARL (the Academy for Spatial Research and Planning) and the BBR (the Federal Offi ce for Building and Regional Planning) with the title 'The History of Spatial Planning: from the Third Reich to the Federal Republic'. Contributions were invited through a call for papers. The papers which were selected for the conference, and for publication in the current compendium, are all concerned with continuities and discontinuities in the transition from the Third Reich to the young Federal Republic. They range in scope from biographies of individual planners and planning scholars, to surveys of the development of networks and institutions, and to discussion of the history of spatial planning concepts. The spectrum also includes the beginnings of spatial planning in the neighbouring countries of Austria and the Netherlands. This publication represents a fi rst step on the part of the ARL and the BBR towards coming to terms with the personal, institutional and conceptual continuities stemming from the National Socialist regime.

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