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Sparking potentials and ionisation coefficients in SF6

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  • High Voltage Engineering (Merged With Ee)


Steady-state ionisation currents under uniform field conditions have been measured in SF6 over the range 110 ÿE/pÿ1000V cmÿ1torrÿ1 with gas pressures varying from 1 to 10 torr, at 20ðC. Sparking potentials Vs were also measured for a range 1ÿpdÿ20 torr-cm. Townsend's primary ionisation (ÿ/p) and electron-attachment (ÿ/p) coefficients were found to depend on E/p only. The values of secondary-ionisation coefficient (ÿ) were also determined over the range 140ÿE/pÿ600 V cmÿ1 torrÿ1. Measurements of Vs of SF6 have shown that the deviations from Paschen's law rise up to ñ3.5% at values of pd near the Paschen minimum.

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