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What worth is fighting to do to improve school educational role?

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Fundamental right of every person in our planet is education. It is the key for better peace, stability, development in every area of society life, in every country, and instrument for effective participation at the economy and society in the 21-of century, the period of globalization, decentralization. The education understood work, activity, organized pedagogical process. This pedagogical process is realized in its institutional form- schools (pre-school, primary, secondary…). The schools are immanent educational institutions where on organized way people acquire knowledge’s, take abilities and skills, like educational components. Today, before the schools take place many seeking like: strengthen of creativity and innovation in the teaching and learning process, nursing the specific of culture differences, high expectations and assessment of every person especially in alphabetical and numerical literacy, key life and social skills, different position and role of every subject factor at the school and in that trend application of contemporary informatics and communication technology, …and in that case creating and promoting an effective schools. What worth is fighting to do from every one of us like participants at the schools, like teacher, parents, persons in the contemporary society and what is our mission to improve school educational work? This question and the other which are placed in this text have their answer in this work.

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