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Alternaria leaf spot of Vicia faba

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Coverpage abstract Final 4.1109.cdr Compiled and Edited by: DK Agarwal Kalyan K Mondal Compiled and Edited by: DK Agarwal Kalyan K Mondal FOREWORD The present compilation entitled “Souvenir and Abstracts” comprises of two major parts, souvenir and abstracts. The abstract part contains oral and poster papers of the 5th International Conference on Plant Pathology in the Globalized Era. The total 802 papers, including 99 oral and 703 poster papers, are categorized session- wise sequentially. Every paper is given unique numbering to avoid confusion and the session number is indicated in parenthesis. The abstract papers have been reviewed and edited thoroughly to maintain uniformity. We are thankful to members of Souvenir and Abstracts committee for their valuable input and help in bringing out this compilation. We also thanks to Alpha Printographics (India) for quality printing this compilation. DK Agwarwal Kalyan K Mondal 10 Nov, 2009 New Delhi Chairpersons Souvenir and Abstract Committee ORAL PAPERS Session Title Abstract No. Page No. No. 1 Global crop health status – problems and prospects in 001-003A 3 developing countries 2 Molecular basis of host pathogen interactions 004-009 5 3 Epidemiology, forecasting and modelling of plant diseases: 010--015 11 Climate change and its impact on plant diseases 4 Taxonomy and genetic diversity of pathogen population 016-021 15 5 Biosecurity, transboundary movement of crops/pathogens 022-026 18 and policy issues in plant protection in the wake of WTO agreement 6 Molecular basis of disease resistance 027-031 22 8 -i Disease management strategies 032-036 26 8 -ii Disease management strategies 037-041 30 9 -i Seed health for food security 042-046 33 9 –ii Seed health for food security 047-050 36 10 Development of transgenics for disease resistance 051-054 39 11 Emerging diseases and diseases of complex etiology and 055-058A 42 their impact 13 Molecular diagnostics of plant pathogen

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