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Folder 546: Hicks and Massengill (interviewers): From Farmer to Merchant


/Ze^uz^ ^f y&^m^ o*U, T* Date of first writing Person interviewed: Address: Occupation: Writer: Reviser: Number of words: d uc-U°\ February 7, 1939 William R. Hobby Raleigh, N. C , R. § 4 Merchant Mary A. Hicks Edwin Massengill About 3,500 FROM FARMER TO MERCHANT It was back-In the days of one-teacher schools that James Caston received his education—the days of schools without^grades. Yet this man speaks almost perfect English. "I was a cocky young fool and I refused to go to the University because I thought that I had all the education I'd need,wvjhe remarked. "I intended to farm, anyhow, and I fell to it with a will. One reason I wanted to be a farmer was because that was my father's occupation and another reason was that Martha1s father farmed on the adjoining place. I had been in love with Martha since I was a small boy and all the girls I had been infatuated with during those years didn't make me forget her. "Ix plowed and dug ditches all week^but on Sunday. Martha and I went to church and came back home the longest way. I usually went to see her on Saturday night, too, and, of course, I took her to all of the dances, box parties, candy pullings, and school entertainments. "One night on the way from a dance I asked Martha to marry me. It was bitterly cold, but still we walked slowly. 7324 -2- That's the only time I have ever been really embarrassed. She told me that she'd marry me if our parents agreed, and she kissed me. All rour of them agreed but they said that sixteen and nineteen was too young. They told us to wait at least a year. "We married when I was twenty and moved in the house with Pa and Ma. We got along fine, but Ma said that no house was big enough for two families. So Pa started a house for us. Our boy was born at Pa's on Martha's eighteenth birthday and she was scared pretty nearly to death. She tried to be brave, and she wasn't half as scared as I was. "We

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