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Upgradation of Reading Skill

Research on Humanities and Social Sciences
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Reading is one of the greatest phenomena in a nation’s development in various perspectives. Every nation can get free from illiteracy when citizens of the nation become good readers. Every nation is in need of great leaders. Great leaders can lead the nation. A great leader reads a lot. Reading not only makes a full man, but produces a great leader. That many of our students lack reading skill is a bitter fact and a matter of great concern. The writing skill of our students has deteriorated a lot, because students lack reading skills. Though reading is a passive language-learning skill, the active language-learning skill ‘writing’ can be developed by means of avid reading. Constant readers become good writers. This research paper begins with an introduction to reading skill and its importance, moves with an analysis on the lack of reading skills of students and ends with some strategies and suggestions that could be advocated for the upgradation of reading skills. Keywords: efficient reading skills, passive reading, comprehending ability, contextual meanings, fluency in reading, filled reading.

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